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the Engraving

The Engraving consists that very thin top layer of wood or the covering put on her acts in film a cutter and thus relief drawing is formed.

Engraving on the polished surface when by a narrow cutter on a varnish film do thin and superficial strokes on in advance put contour Is extended. Drawing appears matte and is allocated on a surface unruffled surface. .

The Way is simple, but demands the big skill for one careless movement of a cutter it is possible to spoil all drawing. Local correction is almost impossible. Drawing at first do on a sheet of paper. A paper starched paste paste to the polished surface of a product. A drawing contour pin a thin needle. . Then a paper remove, and on the pinned contour a cutter cautiously scratch out a varnish coat, but only the uppermost not to bare light wood.

Usually semicircular or flat edge of a cutter has width less than millimetre. The tool keep index and big fingers, opiraja a hand brush on a middle finger. Soskablivanie make movements from itself. A formed shaving delete a soft brush or simply blow off.

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  • Relief and sculptural woodcarving
  • the Engraving
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