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Defects of colouring

It is no wonder, if at the beginning the house joiner faces failures.

At work with oil paints following defects more often are found out. Smudges and folds in a film - result of application too liquid kolera or non-uniform drawing of a paint on a surface. To correct defect it is possible after full drying of a covering by a coarse-grained skin. Sometimes in a film even before drying air vials are formed it, hence, is put on the damp ground or very thick layer and a rigid brush. Same non-uniformity of drying of a paint speaks also. .

The Speckled surface is formed, when indoors where works, too coldly, temperature more low 18 ° are made. And the rough film testifies that the surface was dusty. A dust it is possible to spoil a colourful film and in the course of drying. Therefore the painted products should be placed for drying in such place where the dust has not enough, for example to suspend to a ceiling, far away from windows and entrance doors. Otherwise without polishing and repeated colouring not to manage.

Weak shine - result of application of crude turpentine or in general its surplus. Shine can be strengthened polishing or a varnish covering. .

How to check up suitability of a paint on density? Drip on glass and put it vertically. If the drop does a way to 40-50 mm and will stop - the paint is ready to the use. Other way: at paint drawing on a surface there are brush traces, they should disappear through 10-12мин if the paint does not spread in this time it is too dense if traces disappear for 2-3мин the structure is very liquid, such suits unless a first coat if to dissolve it in 2 times. .

Many subjects of a life win after furnish by oil paints. All equipment of a bathroom is constantly treated to action of air with the raised humidity, even steam and a steam fog. You will not put the polished chair in a vestibule and on kitchen. And just in these premises any bedside tables, lockers, shelves, stools are very necessary. Such products (which, by the way, seldom happen on sale) expediently to paint.

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