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Decorative properties of wood

Cabinet makers estimate quality of wood, it is not so much on physicomechanical properties, how many - decorative. The main criteria are colour, shine, a structure.

Among trees of our woods it is possible to find for art painting and decorating wood of all without an exception of warm colours with boundless quantity of shades. In woods situated near Moscow trees with white, light wood, except for ordinary-looking at first sight the grey alder, which wood on a cut the ochreous prevail. Light colouring is characteristic for a birch, a fur-tree, an aspen, a linden, a maple, a fir, a hornbeam, a bird cherry, a hawthorn, the Karelian birch, an ash-tree. With yellow, brownish-red shades the poplar, a cedar, an elm, a beech, a larch, a mountain ash, an acacia have brown wood. Brown wood with yellow and red shades is peculiar to an oak, a pine, an apple-tree, a sweet cherry, a nut, a velvet tree, a cypress, a thuja, a juniper. Red wood at a yew. Pink - at plum, violet - at a lilac, black - at morenogo an oak (this last though and it is natural, but the got colouring). .

Contrast transitions in colour have the greatest value for such kinds of painting and decorating, as a mosaic, incrustation and intarsija.

By colouring it is possible to simulate wood of invaluable breeds under more rare and valuable. Imitations in imitation walnut well give in a birch and a beech, under mahogany - an alder, an elm, under black - an apple-tree, plum, an aspen, a hornbeam. In the certain environment can vary and natural colouring. Wood svezhesrublennoj an alder reddens under the influence of air oxygen, the pine indoors becomes in due course brown, and in the open air silver-grey. Perhaps, only the fur-tree for a long time keeps the white colour. .

In general, colour is basic decorative property of wood. If natural colour can be strengthened in the course of furnish, even to change artificial podkraskoj fibres the tree structure always remains natural. Only definitely raskraivaja wood, it is possible to receive a various surface on drawing. But besides the structure comes to light a colour variety in colouring of annual rings and longitudinal fibres.

Valuable decorative property of wood is a shine which comes to light in the course of its further processing and furnish more strongly. But also in natural state separate particles of wood visimosti from a cut plane gleam on light. Silky shine rakteren for a maple, a bird cherry, an elm, a cedar, a plane tree. Golden shine is inherent in a sweet cherry to a velvet tree. The surface unequally reflects light that it is possible to observe on parquet to a floor "т хыюёъѕ" or "т °р°ъѕ" if to look from different points .

In olden time the furniture from the imported was highly appreciated; (India, Central America) mahogany. From here the name "ё=юы Ё-ъЁрёэюфхЁхтЁшъ". But, as it is visible, for a decorative ornament of a life all kinds of trees of domestic breeds are suitable almost, has put only in ability to open all beauty of wood, using its physicomechanical and decorative properties.

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