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the Coupler (a part 2)

In the course of formation of plywood strips for pasting of frameworks it is expedient to adjust all four angular connections, serially fixing joints paper strips on glue on a face sheet, then to paste on a framework and zapressovat. It is possible to do it and serially, at first on two parties, forming one corner, then another, the third... The Second variant is easier, it gives the chance to correct gradually defects of a marking and raskroja plywood strips: insignificant deviations are not of great importance, they can be corrected by change of a corner of the subsequent connections. .

If were formed skoly in corners wood slices can be pasted by means of paper tapes from a face sheet to zapressovki. .

In decorative veneering of flat surfaces thin proveins from very light or very dark wood in comparison with colour of a background into which these proveins run are widely applied. Their width gets out depending on the sizes of surfaces framed with them. More often it makes only 2-5 mm. To cut by means of a chisel such narrow and long strips of thin plywood of the big work does not make. And here to level them on width to within shares of millimetre and to remove agnails with the help fuganka or a plane it is impossible. For this purpose it is necessary to make very simple adaptation - a template. .

It consists of two thin laths, it is possible to use fragments of the student's ruler, stuck together with each other, and with a lining between them (fig. 26). The thickness of a lining should be equal to a thickness fuguemoj plywood. The cut turns out, its height is defined by width of the necessary proveins, in this case 2 and 4 mm. .

the Template for processing of proveins

the Template for processing of proveins

Into this cut insert preparations and fugujut a fine-grained skin. That sides have turned out equal and rectangular, it is necessary to grind by means of already described grinding kolodki. .

The Length of a template is desirable a bit more long processed proveins. In due course the edges of a template touched with a skin, too soshlifovyvajutsja, depth formed before a cut decreases, hence, the width of proveins decreases also. This inevitable circumstance should be considered, if the same template is used repeatedly. .

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