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How correctly to saw

Very important correctly to start to saw: short movements on itself should be made the superficial has spent on drink on the verge of preparation, a flute depth of 6-8 mm, holding a cloth with a thumb of the left hand above teeths so that the saw slid on a nail or the second joint of a finger. To press teeths wood absolutely unduly, enough one weight nozhovki. Otherwise the cloth can jump out from has spent on drink and to wound a hand, at the best teeths will tear tree fibres. The cloth inclination to a horizontal plane should make approximately 20 ° that also prevents skoly. .

It is not necessary to forget about a non-uniform structure of wood, at the approach to a knot the cloth will aspire to bypass firmer place, in this case speed pilenija will be slowed down that is quite natural even for wood processing on machine tools. .

During longitudinal raskroja in has spent on drink it is possible to insert a wooden wedge to reduce a friction. If the saw creaks, vibrating that happens at work with firm or very resinous wood it is necessary to rub a cloth with soap or paraffin. .

Facilitates pilenie at an angle application, the so-called chair, a tray from three boards (fig. 7) which should be made most, on their sale does not happen. Lateral boards should be strictly parallel, in them cuts at an angle 45 ° are made, the ends are cut at right angle. Processed preparation is put in a trench, nestles the left hand on a back wall, the saw cloth is inserted into a cut. Thus sawing up can be made without a preparation marking on all perimetre, there is enough risks on one top side. It is necessary to watch that the label coincided with a cut in a chair only. .



Occasionally there is a necessity to saw at an angle 30 °, 60 °, for this purpose in the same adaptation it is possible to make corresponding cuts. .

In process pilenija wood sawdust, as a rule, small fraction is formed. Do not throw out this "ѕ=шыі": sawdust will be useful at finishing krasnoderevnyh works as napolnitel for shpaklevki. It is better to collect them in two-three small boxes, but on breeds of wood of separately light, red, brown colours. Will not regret, when will be engaged in incrustation or when there will be cracks in parquet to a floor. .


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