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Connections on shponkah and probes

There are more simple ways of connection "эр ѕё" by means of wooden probes and shponok. In these cases the ends of all of four bruskov cut at an angle 45 °, planes carefully smooth out and adjust so that was formed four right angles. Then in all bruskah drill superficial apertures on a preliminary marking of the centres by means of a surface gauge and a ruler. Diameter of apertures should not exceed third of thickness bruskov. Into these apertures insert nageli, made of a tree of firm breeds. The length nagelja is equal to depth of two corresponding apertures. .

Adjustment of angular joints and trial assemblage before sklejkoj are similar to the same operations with a direct thorn.

A little the way differently looks are viscous with the help vreznyh plates from a birch interline interval. Last can be received if to soak in hot water any piece kleenoj plywood, internal which one-two layer usually represent sheets of a birch interline interval in the thickness from 1,5 to 2 mm. Bruski are prepared for connection the same as and for fastening nageljami. .

Insert of a thorn from an interline interval becomes so. Two bruska, forming a right angle, clamp in a vice. End faces preliminary grease with glue. Then in them do well dissolved nozhovkoj two not through has spent on drink. Pieces of an interline interval are inserted into them on glue by fibres lengthways propilov. Operation repeats for other angular connections. .

In zapressovannom a kind a framework leave before full drying: on 4 - 6ч at temperature of air not less than 18 °. In a cold premise endurance term increases twice-three times. .

But before it it is necessary to check up once again prjamougolnost frameworks.

Otborku of a quarter in frameworks (for an insert of glass, pictures) carry out grooves on bruskah after trial assemblage with zapressovkoj. .

Under production conditions similar connections "эр ѕё" are made not only with the help nagelej and shponok, but also metal plates. More rigid connection of corners is reached by a label from an underside of a framework of squares from plywood, strengthening on screws of metal bookmarks, plastic squares on glue and screws.

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