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the Burning out

Independently there is among various ways of furnish a burning out fire and the acids, very extended in rural furniture manufacture, manufacturing of children's toys, caskets, frameworks for pictures, souvenir products.

At a burning out, wood changes the colour under the influence of a heat - from light yellow colour to brown colour, almost black. In due course colouring does not vary, remains very long, centuries. .

Some ways of change of colour of wood by its heating Are known. Among them such a little known and seldom applied, as prokalivanie a tree in hot sand. And it is rather simple. In bank with the heated river sand lower a wooden plate, brusok, the round piece of a tree and certain time maintain in sand. At temperature from 120 to 200 ° wood starts to darken, get yellowy-brown colouring. However because bottom and the sand middle class is cooled more slowly, rather than top and extreme also the tree surface is painted unequally.

So receive pieces of the wood having colouring, smoothly passing from the most light to the most dark tones. Such material is used for incrustation, and also for manufacturing of separate details of subjects. .

Widespread enough earlier ways of a burning out open fire and acids apply now seldom. The first owing to fire danger, and the second because it is necessary to deal with strong sulfuric acid casual handling with which can lead to burns of hands.

The Most widespread and accessible is the way pirografii that in transfer means drawing by fire. This way is applied in manufacture of children's and wattled furniture, toys and other subjects and consists that on a surface of wood a light touch to it the heated needle or a wire burn out the drawing made a pencil.

For a burning out the special device - elektrovyzhigatel is necessary. It can be made most. It is required as well the small transformer lowering pressure with 120-220 to 2-3Вт which is connected to the usual electric system. On sale are available elektrovyzhi-gateli, supplied with the transformer device. .

To make the device, it is necessary to take a lath in length of 100 mm, section 25 X 12 mm and a chisel to cut out in it two longitudinal grooves for electricity conductors (fig. 37). In these grooves on short screws or screws two brass plates in length on 30-40 mm, strengthen thickness than 1,5 mm not less. To them attach two soft electricity cables with teplostojkoj isolation. On the acting ends of plates bore through apertures for bolts with nuts by means of which the wire of which do spirals for household heating electrodevices fastens bent in the form of a loop nihromovaja. And bolts it is possible to take plates from the unusable switch and a plug receptacle.

the Device for a burning out

the Device for a burning out

From nihromnoj a wire of different length and diameter it is better to prepare some loops by practical consideration to pick up for target pressure available on the transformer the most suitable loop it should become red no more than for 30сек. After current inclusion, but during 2-3 mines not perekalivatsja to ash-white colour and not to fuse.

Mounted in kolodke electroconductors close a cover from plywood. To finish kolodku with wax, a paint or it is delicious it is impossible. Especially carefully it is necessary to execute connections of plates with wires and a wire. Places of connections preliminary should be smoothed out a file or a skin and densely to wrap screws and nuts. Otherwise connections will heat up. Under plates in kolodke it is good to enclose mica slices. .

For a burning out resinous wood of any breeds of a tree is suitable not, but more juicy drawing turns out on light surfaces. The best breeds of a tree for a burning out is a linden, an alder, a poplar. Any plywood, birch or beechen is quite suitable.

Work elektrovyzhigatelem, as a pencil. When the tip of a loop bent at an angle will be heated, it spend on a drawing contour on itself, slightly concerning a wood surface. Kolodku incline under the same corner, as by the letter a pencil. The width of a burnt out line can be various, it depends on under what corner the loop plane in relation to a preparation plane is inclined. At the first touch to a tree the loop slightly darkens, being cooled. But it is necessary to raise it as heat is restored. On the left trace it is possible to define necessary degree of pressing of the heated wire and time continuous "Ёшёютрэш ". Pass on the same contour can be repeated to make lines more dark, but never it is necessary to suppose obuglivanija wood, it spoils appearance of drawing. It is possible to do by the device a dot background. The more burnt points on a background surface, the will be is more dark by it to look. .

It is possible to finish with Way of a burning out an ashtray, which basis wooden, and as a bowl mushroom formation from a tree trunk (tinder fungus) or a sea bowl is used.

The mushroom Removed from a tree in itself in most cases has a bowl of the oval form which should not be deepened and levelled a knife at all. But it is necessary to cover it with sheet staniolja on liquid glass (silicate glue).

The Fresh tinder fungus can be dried a little, but there is no necessity to clean its knife as clean ordinary mushrooms. Edges and the walls usually having outside grey-brown colour, it is necessary well proolifit and to varnish. Then the further drying of a mushroom will be late for some years.

The Support (basis) cut from a tree piece, its sizes depend on tinder fungus size (the sizes the such will be more often: 110x100x30 mm). The basis from above and on edges paste over with a birch or beechen interline interval, thin decorative plywood for a burning out is unsuitable. If there is no interline interval, it is possible to manage kleenoj plywood with enough pure obverse surface.

For tinder fungus strengthening in a support cut down the small deepening corresponding to its form. Paste a mushroom liquid glass or any mastic but only after the support will be decorated by an ornament and it is covered by a varnish. On a sole it is possible to paste a piece of a flannel or other material that an ashtray not to scratch the polished surface of a subject on which it will stand.

After corresponding preparation of surfaces of a support on them burn out drawing. For example, on lateral sides - contours of year layers of wood, and on a plane - drawing of a burning cigarette.

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