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Angular connections

More intricate are angular connections by way "эр ѕё" in "яюыѕяю=хьюъ" and "яю=хьюъ" on direct thorns and the thorns carrying the figurative and exact name "ырё=юёъшэ §тюё=". Not any joiner-professional undertakes for vjazku a box in the way of the full secret thorn applied only in krasnoderevnom manufacture. Therefore we will postpone the description of this connection for more later time. But it is viscous an open thorn "ырё=юёъшэ §тюё=" is more simple, it is useful already at the beginning employment by joiner's business, for example at manufacturing of hinged shelves and wall lockers for the tool. It is viscous in such a way it is necessary when considerable loading on connections is directed from top to down. .

The Marking of such connection (fig. 16) differs from a marking of direct thorns a little. By means of a ruler and a square mark, and then do either a thorn, or an eye. Then two bruska impose against each other at right angle (if in a ready kind they have to form such corner), then a pencil or shilom outline thorn or eye contours. Risks by means of a square and a ruler transfer on perimetre on an opposite side bruska. The further operations on zapilovke and vydalblivaniju do not differ almost from already described. A nest hollow out a chisel which edge does not exceed a narrow part of an eye on width. A corner "ырё=юёъшэр §тюё=р" usually makes no more than 15 °. .

Difficult angular connections of frameworks: 1 - way "эр ѕё" a through thorn; 2 - deaf potemochnym a thorn; 3 - way "ырё=юёъшэ §тюё="

Difficult angular connections of frameworks:
1 - way "эр ѕё" a through thorn; 2 - deaf potemochnym a thorn; 3 - way "ырё=юёъшэ §тюё="

Happens that thorn sides in the top, wider part are chopped off. More often it occurs during trial assemblage of the knot, therefore it is necessary to hammer in thorn hardly entering into a nest cautiously, striking a hammer on all plane of a thorn or having put a tree piece on a thorn. Skoly are less probable in preparations from prjamoslojnoj and tonkoslojnoj wood. In it, as well as in some other, connection it is impossible to suppose even small knots on thorns.

To Prevent skoly it is possible removal by a chisel of narrow facets on thorns from an internal plane. In the collected kind of a facet will not be visible, and in the course of pasting will be filled with glue. A thin cut by a chisel do since a wide part of a thorn, cuts in the opposite direction lead skolam wood. .

In manufacturing of frames to pictures, mirrors apply wide connection at right angle in the way "эр ѕё". The marking bruskov is made by means of three tools: a square, a surface gauge and malki. Last is intended for a marking at an angle 45 °.

Usually "эр ѕё" frameworks from wood of valuable breeds which gets off with transparent varnish coverings knit. If a framework are going to paste over with decorative plywood or to paint an oil paint, there is no sense to resort to difficult and labour-consuming connection "эр ѕё" moreover a thorn in "яюыэ№щ яю=хьюъ". However for practice it is useful for beginning joiner to use this way and on less valuable wood of a pine or a fur-tree, and it is even better than a birch which well gives in to imitation under valuable breeds of a tree, including under red and black. .

Face sheets bruskov should be turned upwards and in a framework. On external perimetre the collected and stuck together framework can be processed a plane to give to a product a desirable profile. The latent thorn thus will not prevent.

The Marking begin by means of a square in the same way, as well as at ordinary shipovom connection, but risks put only on edges bruskov. Plasti are marked at an angle with the help malki. Then on internal edges a surface gauge mark thorns. The marking of nests is carried out after the ends bruskov are cut and smoothed out by a sharp chisel, enough wide, with an edge ground at a small angle.

For pilenija it is more preferable nozhovka or other saw with small teeths. Zapilivat thorns follows cautiously not to touch the top side bruska. A ready thorn shorten on 8 10 mm, definitively process its chisel. On the size of a thorn a narrow chisel hollow out a nest for it. .

Each angular connection adjust separately, thus to each other obverse (forward) sides of connection very densely should adjoin, insignificant discrepancies on an underside of a framework of great value have no. Before pasting and zapressovkoj trial assemblage of a framework with application szhimov - vajm, clamps is absolutely obligatory.

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